September 24, 2013

Twitter And Your Video Campaign: Getting The Most Out Of The Twitterverse

Twitter and Your Video CampaignStarting a new video campaign is exciting for you and your business. There’s a lot of planning on your part that goes into making it a success. One of the biggest components that could make or break your efforts is choosing where and how to market the campaign.

There are a variety of social media platforms for you to choose from. We have plenty of tips on how to get the most out of each of them. This week we’re going to give you the info you need to make the most out of your Twitter presence, get your campaign noticed, and boost involvement.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

Twitter is a commitment

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of 140 character communication. Using Twitter to get the word out about your video campaign isn’t a one-tweet deal. It’s all about engagement. This means that your Twitter presence should include replying, retweeting, favoriting, and following the conversation that unfolds around your campaign. It’s important to remember that you get what you give in the Twitterverse. If you respond to the content of those you follow, you’ll get more of a response in return.

Understand Twitter’s principles

You’re allotted 140 characters per tweet. Keep each one short and attention-grabbing. Don’t waste those characters on the small stuff. Mention the incentive for followers to get involved. Are you offering a cool prize or rolling out a new service? Let them know! You should be providing the basic outline of your campaign and the incentive to keep people interested. There’s plenty of time (and space!) for the in-depth details on your other platforms.

Give your Tweets a boost on other social media platforms

Twitter is powerful but shouldn’t be the only driving force to advertise your video campaign. We mentioned above that it doesn’t lend itself to longer posts. You’ll want to use your blog, Facebook, and other accounts to go into more detail. Aside from the character limit, you’ll achieve the most success with your campaign if you coordinate posts so they reach your target audience on multiple platforms. Each platform offers something unique, giving you the ability to adjust accordingly and get the most out of your outreach.

Hashtag etiquette

Don’t go overboard with hashtags.


Looks a little ridiculous, right? If readers see that many hashtags they’ll tune out. A wall of tags will turn-off followers and runs the risk of looking like spam. Use them sparingly.They are meant to organize content by subject, making it easier to search for content that is relevant to users. Before you use tags in your Tweets, check out what’s being posted in the tags you’re considering. The amount of activity will give you a good idea of whether or not to the tag is being searched and updated frequently. You’ll also want to come up with a tag that can be used consistently for all of your campaign posts. That way you and your followers can tune into the latest developments by checking the tag.

Promoting your tweets

Using Promoted Tweets is an excellent way to reach your target audience or find a potential audience. To get the most out of them, they should have information that is relevant and worth promoting.These Tweets will end up at the top of relevant search pages and can be pinned to the top of your brand’s timeline to get the most exposure. You might try using these Tweets at the very beginning of your campaign. Once conversation has been generated and there is a buzz around your activity, you don’t want to buy promoted Tweets and have them get lost in a sea of other content. Ultimately, you’ll need to play around and look at the results to see what works best for your brand.

With the right strategy you can organize a successful campaign and use Twitter to get your following engaged. It’s a matter of knowing how Twitter operates and strategizing so it will do the most for your campaign.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming blog post about how Google + can benefit your video campaign.

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