August 8, 2014

Understanding the Power of Word of Mouth Marketing

The Power Of Word Of Mouth MarketingPlenty of brands are trying to understand the power of word of mouth marketing. Despite the fact that word of mouth happens organically among consumers, there are still questions about how to harness those conversations, to provide momentum for marketing efforts.

What we know

50% of people say that word of mouth plays a direct role in their purchasing decisions, with a reported 92% of consumers trusting recommendations from family and friends more than any other type of advertising. We already knew there was power in these kind of casual discussions surrounding brands. This can mean anything from conversations taking place among family, to Tweets and Facebook comments that focus on interactions that have taken place. The good news is that 66% of brand mentions are positive.

But what about the other 34%?

What we can improve

Instead of fearing the reported 34% less-than-flattering buzz of conversation, the key is to position your brand so you are inviting feedback, and also providing a platform for those conversations among consumers to take place.

The power of word of mouth marketing has to do with the fact that it happens all on its own, and will continue to do so, whether brands tap into it or not. It’s something that can happen anywhere, and inspires trust because it’s coming from people we know, outside of a brand operating to frame themselves in the best light.

Successfully tapping into the power of word of mouth means engaging in active listening, and working with consumers so you’re not the last to know how they feel about your brand and what you do.

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