November 11, 2013

User Generated Video Campaign: 3 Tips To Prepare For The Holidays

User Generated Video CampaignIt’s that time again! Time to begin prepping for your user generated video campaign, so you’re not rushing around on the eve of your holiday campaign to get everything in place. Even with the best idea, something that will energize your following enough to get them to participate, it’s up to you to start planning and gearing up for the campaign so it will go as smoothly as possible.

The great news is that a lot of the prep work can be carried out beforehand, or at least planned to the point where you don’t have to scramble to get things in order once the campaign is launched and submissions start coming in.

Here’s what you can do ahead of time to make your holiday campaign as seamless as possible.


If your website has a tradition layout, there’s a chance you’ve been losing online traffic because of it. There’s a very big possibility that on-the-go users, who are viewing your site from their mobile phone have to scroll endlessly to get to relevant information. At worst, they’re leaving your site because it won’t load at all.

The reason for mobilization before your user generated video campaign is two-fold. First, it’ll ensure that consumers who want to actively participate in your campaign, whether through voting or submitting a video, will be able to do so. But it’s equally important that consumers who are following your campaign or are looking to view the outcome, are able to view what’s happening using their mobile device.

Consumers aren’t known for their patience. So if you have a great campaign and plan to ask users to submit content or want them to view the content you receive, make sure it’s easily accessible. Otherwise, you risk turning away consumers who will find other sites with a mobile layout where they can participate on-the-go.

Get social media accounts in the holiday spirit

There are a ton of ways to get your online presence in the holiday spirit, which in turn, will draw interest and participation in your user generated video campaign. Some brands choose to temporarily change their logo, adding some short-term holiday flare. Consider also playing around with the color scheme of your pages to create a look that correlates directly to the holiday season.

If you plan ahead, you can choose a layout that will compliment submissions for when it’s time to display them. Be sure to check and re-check whatever changes your implement.Test the layout ahead of time. It might seem like overkill, but it’s better to work out the kinks before you go live.

Plan advertising efforts ahead of time

Which social media platforms are you going to utilize? How will each platform work with your campaign?The nature of your campaign and the way you plan to share the content will impact how you’re going to approach each platform.

LinkedIn is great for communicating with consumers and business peers, but it’s known for its professional tone and maintaining important connections. Twitter is excellent for link sharing and catching the attention of your loyal following and new consumers in 140 characters or less. Facebook lends itself to more in-depth, laid back interaction. How you plan to interact with consumers while you share campaign content on each platform may seem like a minor detail, but it’s actually something you and your team should keep in mind before you begin your campaign.

The best strategizing takes place before you introduce your user generated video campaign to clients and consumers. If your campaign goes as planned and you engage your following in a meaningful way, it’ll have lasting, positive consequences for your business. Coordinating your campaign efforts can be stressful, but if you start now and finish them ahead of time, your business will be in good shape by the time the campaign kicks off.

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