December 16, 2013

Successful User Generated Video Campaign Results: 3 Factors To Look At

User Generated Video Campaign ResultsExcitement is high when your campaign idea gets the green light. What happens when your boss wants to know what to expect from user generated video campaign results? How can you ensure a successful turnout when the campaign is still just in its infancy?

It can be difficult when your boss asks you to play the numbers game especially if this is your first user generated video campaign.

Luckily, there are 3 factors that you can look at to get an idea about how many entrants you’ll receive and how contest participation will fare.

What kind of appeal is there?

Take a look at the subject of your campaign. Then consider your target audience and how it’ll appeal to them. If your subject doesn’t have mass appeal you can expect a lower pool of entrants. If you choose a broader subject, more people will take interest. Makes sense, right? It’s okay if you go with a subject that’s of interest to a select few but it’s something that you need to take into account. You’re less likely to receive a high volume of submissions if you’re not reaching out to everyone.

Effort put forth by entrants

How difficult will it be for entrants to execute your contest idea? The ease of entry and whether or not you provide the tools for them to make their idea happen will impact submissions. If you’ve chosen a niche subject you have to lower entry barriers even further. You’re already lowering the number of submissions by targeting a smaller audience.

Asking for an involved entry process or contest idea will further lower your pool. Keep it simple. Aside from the obvious barriers, a complex idea can make even the most eager entrants put off their submission until it’s too late. Go for an idea that won’t require too much time. Go over the entry process so it’s streamlined and won’t be a hassle.

Creating awareness through media

What kind of social media presence do you have to drive campaign awareness? You’ll want to have a variety of platforms and mediums on your side. Obviously awareness is being raised more and more through social media. How’s your Facebook presence looking? Could your Twitter presence use some beefing up? Even if your online presence is strong, you’ll want to explore print and other traditional advertising routes to receive a healthy number of submissions. Explore multiple avenues. See what you might be missing out on.

User generated video campaign results relate directly back to the first factor: Appeal.

Begin with the appeal of your subject and plan accordingly. If your subject won’t appeal to the majority of your following, you’ll have to do some careful thinking about effort and awareness.

The good and bad news is there’s no magic number of entrants to determine whether the user generated video campaign is a success. A high volume of submissions won’t mean much if the contest doesn’t end up working to make real, lasting connections with your following. A smaller campaign can have an equal or greater impact as long as it makes connections and drives brand awareness, now and in the future.

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