April 9, 2014

Using a Video Testimonial Script: Pros and Cons

Video Testimonial ScriptThere are different schools of thought on using a video testimonial script.

Some people find that they help, at the very least, get whoever is filming the testimonial feeling more comfortable. Those who don’t use them cite the lack of trust that can arise in viewers when they watch a testimonial that feels too polished.

Let’s talk a little more about the merit of both ideas.


Everything that needs saying will get said. If you have a specific idea of what you want, starting with their name and other identifying info, down to the details of what they’re saying when they praise your brand. A video testimonial script can work well for those who are unused to being filmed.

It will keep them from getting too jittery, or blanking on what they wanted to say. This’ll make the process smoother. Rather than having to stop and start filming, which could make them more nervous, it’s usually easier to get everything done in one take.


Some brands find that using a script makes testimonials sound stale. Forced, even. They prefer for the testimonial to happen organically, even if that includes mess-ups from the speaker.

They’re less worried about having a perfect, smooth product because viewers are pretty forgiving about mistakes in video testimonials. The slip-ups that might make you worried about the quality of the video actually make them seem more down-to-earth to viewers.

Meeting in the middle

Neither view is wrong in its way of thinking. There are positives and drawbacks about each decision concerning the use of a script. As usual, it’s really most important to discover what works for your brand, or on an individual basis. There’s no reason why you can’t offer a script for someone to use as a template if they seem nervous, and then not use scripts for other clients who seem more relaxed while they film.

It can be a case by case decision, instead of drawing a line in the sand for or against using a video testimonial script.

Video Testimonial Success