May 13, 2014

Using Dental Video Testimonials as an Effective Marketing Tool

Dental Video TestimonialsDentist visits aren’t traditionally known for inspiring positive feelings. There’s usually some dread, paired with feet dragging, all before getting to the appointment. Maybe dentist video testimonials can do a little something to change that.

Instead of stirring up anxious feelings, with the help of testimonials to provide reassurance, first time patients can feel a little more at ease about their upcoming visit.

What testimonials can do for your marketing

Video testimonials give consumers a chance to connect.

Instead of relying on corporate marketing efforts, they can speak directly to one another through reviews and testimonials. It allows them to cut through the noise of big budget marketing, which doesn’t generally advocate for the voice of the consumer.

Putting the power back in their hands makes for great marketing because clients feel more connected to you with the knowledge that you’ll listen to what they have to say.

It’s also an honest and simple way of showing off what you do best, which directly benefits you. But instead of you doing the bragging, you’re letting your satisfied customers do it for you.

How to start getting testimonials

It’s merely a matter of asking consistently.

Video testimonials are being used more and more thanks to the ease of receiving them and placing the content online.

If you ask consistently, to keep the video relevant and touch on new developments that you’d like prospective clients to hear about, you’ll have no trouble adding video to your marketing strategy.

Video Testimonial Success