May 6, 2014

Using Lawyer Video Testimonials as an Effective Marketing Tool

Lawyer Video TestimonialsUsing lawyer video testimonials as an effective marketing tool doesn’t have to be complicated, or put a crunch on your already limited time. All it takes is for you to get into the habit of asking for feedback in the form of testimonials, and most of your work is done.

What they accomplish

It goes without saying that you’re super busy. With marketing, or any other campaign undertaking, one of the top questions is always, But will I have time for it?

The great thing about testimonials, and other video marketing campaigns, is the ease in which you can settle into a routine that won’t cause a time-crunch. If you’re a video testimonial newbie, the most important thing is getting everyone else on board to ask and receive them. Once everyone gets in the habit of asking for them, they can be displayed and shared on your site and through social media.

In a lot of cases, video testimonials will act as the first introduction that prospective clients will have to who you are and what you do. Working with satisfied clients, taking the time to ask for their feedback is one way of being firmly in control of your image.

While video testimonials are great for sharing, another key benefit is staying on top of what clients really think of your services. We all love the great testimonials that hit on all of the hard work we put in to what we do. But what about the not-so great ones?

Rather than looking at negative feedback once and shoving it aside, never to see the light of day again, consider using it to address anything in your practice that could use improving. Use any feedback as a way to commit to doing better, for yourself and the people you work for.

The takeaway

Video testimonials will yield results based on the effort you put in.

That doesn’t mean that you have to devote all your time to video marketing. Instead, it means being savvy about where you place them online, as well as what you do with the feedback you’re receiving.

The success of video testimonials has everything to do with genuinely listening and caring about what clients are telling you, rather than merely putting video online and crossing your fingers that you get more traffic to your site and social media accounts.

Video Testimonial Success