December 14, 2015

Using Smart Customer Testimonial Page Design to Maximize Impact

Using Smart Customer Testimonial Page Design to Maximize ImpactWe’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Customer testimonials, if done right, are an incredibly powerful marketing tool because they build immediate trust and credibility in your company and your product. In fact, according to Kissmetrics, over 70% of Americans will look at a product review or testimonial before buying.

You have a vested interest in customers liking your product. You are biased. Other customers don’t share your bias, though, which lends power to testimonials.

Testimonials are free; positive testimonials can help you convert leads; and negative ones can give you valuable feedback. If you’re not using customer testimonials on your website, you should add them ASAP — it’s a quick, simple and free way to strengthen your branding and marketing. And while the quality of your testimonials is crucial, so is the page design where these are housed on your website.

However, not all customer testimonial page designs are created equal. Make sure you’re leveraging this powerful tool in the best way possible, rather than just taking up space on your landing page. Design is important to consider for all aspects of your website, including testimonials. Not only is it important for testimonials to be attractive and easy to read, design decisions can actually impact how trustable testimonials seem to viewers. And when it comes to testimonials, trustability is key.

Here are some tips on how to create an effective, well-designed customer testimonial page:

Place testimonials near every call-to-action, as well as on a separate “Testimonials” page.

Keeping testimonials visible on every page, especially near calls to action, will help keep visitor confidence high as they browse your site. Likewise, where specific aspects of your product are addressed, place testimonials that speak to those aspects. This will increase the credibility and impact of other promotional content. Always include a separate testimonials page so that interested customers can see, at a glance, what others are saying.

Use pictures to boost testimonial credibility.

Consumers are wary of fake testimonials, and the internet is flooded with them. How can you make yours seem more trustable? (Of course, you should never fabricate testimonials.) Since research has shown that images placed next to text information make that information more believable, be sure to enhance your own customer testimonial page design by adding applicable imagery as well. This will help increase trustability and add weight to the “social proof” being offered in the testimonial. To leverage social proof even more, be sure to also feature testimonials that are “person-based,” i.e. including a large photo of the reviewer and some basic facts about them (where they live, what their occupation is, etc.). The more real and relatable the reviewer seems to others, the more impactful the testimonial.

Keep testimonials short, simple and specific.

Reading testimonials shouldn’t require much of a time investment. Use short, concise phrases that are easy for your website visitors to take in quickly. In addition, use testimonials that include specific details about the product. For example, “My conversion rate increased by 47% after implementing this product,” is more impactful than “I love this product and would recommend it to all my friends.” (Don’t forget to include details — like the reviewer’s full name and job title — to add authenticity.)

Place your best testimonials in the center of your home page.

Testimonials really are that important. They should be immediately eye-catching because they have more power to influence potential customers than your website’s copy does. This will keep your credibility front-and-center in viewers’ minds as they read about your product or service.

Consider adding video testimonials.

Video can be even more powerful than text, because there’s no questioning the authenticity of the testimonial. Check out these video testimonial examples to get a better idea of what good video testimonials should look like.

Because customer testimonials are such powerful marketing tools, it’s important that you implement smart testimonial page design tips to make sure that you’re leveraging them the best way possible. Bottom line: Add social proof to your product and convert more leads with well-designed, smart testimonials!

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