December 3, 2013

Using Video Testimonial Feedback To Boost Customer Service

Using Video Testimonial Feedback To Boost Customer Service

Have you heard from consumers lately? We know that online users have an appetite for video, but what you do with video testimonial feedback from clients can mean the difference between quality customer service, and interactions that leave consumers less than dazzled.

If you’re using video testimonials, usually paired with text, to facilitate conversation among consumers – you’re on the right track with your marketing strategy. But what about the feedback that’s being provided? Are you taking it and using it to make needed changes? What about any negative comments you receive?

These are all things that should be taken into account, and discussed as a team. Here’s how to go about it:

What are video testimonials accomplishing?

We touched on this earlier, but if you’re receiving and posting video testimonials, they should be boosting confidence in your brand. Prospective clients will connect with the person in front of the camera, and will trust what they’re saying about your product or service. As a bonus, video is also excellent at making the rounds through sharing on social media sites. All of this is great for your business, now and in the long-term.

But what’s the next step?

Take in feedback, especially negative comments

No matter how hard you work, or how on top of your game you are – your business is bound to have dissatisfied clients, or encounters with consumers who are not happy about their experience, for one reason or another.

It doesn’t mean that your business is awful, and you should wallow, or linger, on the comments. Instead, it is essential that you take a proactive approach to criticism. If you’re not already, it’s a good idea to keep track of every piece of feedback you’re receiving. This includes video testimonials, comments on social media pages, and interactions with clients. It’s up to you and your team to keep track of what’s being said about your brand. Rather than allowing small criticisms to snowball on social media accounts, be on the look-out for opportunities where you can address problems before they get out of control, and other consumers get it on the negativity.

What can you do?

Bring feedback into meetings. Set aside time where you intentionally bring up feedback, good or bad, and focus on what you can improve upon. Consumers want to feel like they’re being heard, and considering the money and time they put into your product or service, you should want to be listening to see how you can give them a better experience. Work to bring about change as a team. One person alone can’t approve upon customer service – it has to be a team effort.


  • Don’t just focus on the bad comments. It’ll be a downer, and might lead to low morale. Celebrate successes, too!
  • Follow up with clients when they have a complaint or issue, whether it’s with their overall experience, or the product or service. Instead of venting their frustration on Twitter, you can work with them to resolve it. This will ensure they continue to have a positive association with your business.
  • Turn feedback into real change. It’s invaluable, and if you’re not taking advantage of what consumers are telling you, you’ll definitely regret missing out on the insight.

How have you used video testimonial feedback? Drop us a comment, and let us know!

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