November 6, 2012

Veritas Prep Leverages User-Generated Video To Boost Peer Authority

veritas prep logoEager students are looking to best leverage their test scores as the competition for undergraduate, graduate, business, law and medical schools gets more and more fierce. It’s no surprise that there are hundreds of test prep providers readily available to assist those in need.

But how are these providers breaking through the noise and positioning themselves as the best solution for a student’s academic desires?

Veritas Prep, a premier provider in this space, is building their brand by using Bravo Video as a communications conduit.

Raising The Stakes

While offering testimonials is certainly a standard practice for test prep and admissions consulting providers, making them feel real and authentic is quite another issue.

Displaying text-based quotes has always been an effective marketing tactic in this niche. But with so many competitors, many providers are looking to raise the stakes and offer more genuine and authentic-feeling testimonials.

Realizing Face Value

Through utilizing Bravo, these video testimonials are now offering Veritas Prep the highly effective peer authority and believability they were seeking. Moreover, the details being shared in these videos are especially revealing. Facial expressions are vital cues that provide a deeper emotional connection for onlooking prospects.

Needless to say, the video testimonial approach is working, because it’s real – and it’s relevant. We wish Veritas Prep continued success in their user-generated video endeavors!

Video Testimonial Success