March 12, 2014

Video Contest Best Practices: Offer Fantastic, Relevant Prizes

Video Contest Best PracticesChoosing a video contest prize requires more thought and planning than the initial question of what will draw people in. Your brand is excited about the contest payoff. That includes the exposure to your product and what you do best, as well as the connections you’ll strengthen and build in the process. It’s exciting to see your hard work and planning pay off when your following gets involved by creating an entry or sharing the video through social media.

For their part, entrants will be focused entirely on the prize. Since they’re the ones to take the time to enter the contest, using their creativity in an effort to get one step closer to the awesome prize you’re offering, it only makes sense that they’d be looking out for an awesome prize. While it’s important to have a great contest idea and know how to implement it, the prize is something that deserves careful consideration because it can be the difference between getting people excited and involved, or making them lose interest.


This is the most obvious aspect of choosing a prize to offer. If you’re going to ask people to use their time to participate, or share info about the contest through social media accounts, you have to provide the incentive for them to do so. Many contests have flopped because the incentive just wasn’t there. Avoid low entry numbers and general disinterest by stepping up your incentive.

Prizes that go over well

Large cash prizes work well for big businesses. Same goes with opulent vacation packages, and even cars. Cash appeals to a wide audience, but it’s usually not practical for a small business. Instead of stressing over giving away a huge cash, or other equally huge prize – consider what would appeal most to your audience.

There’s a good chance that your following has stuck with you because of their interest in your product or business. You can always offer a package that includes your product or service, which will allow them to use it for free and tell other people how great it is. If you want to create a bundle of prizes, you can also ask sponsors to get in on the contest by providing a prize in exchange for promotion on your site. It’s an great way for you to bulk up the prize without having to drain your funds.


  • Announce the winner. It’s no fun to follow or enter a contest if the winner is never announced. It’s a reward for the effort they put in, no matter how small. It also indicates that you follow through on what you promise, and participating in the future won’t be a waste of their time and effort.
  • If possible, give out a prize that relates back to your business. Cash and other cool prizes appeal to everyone, but it’s ideal to give away a product or service that shows off how great your brand is. It might appeal to a smaller audience, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.
  • Follow through on what you promise. Even if the contest turn-out isn’t what you thought it’d be, give out the prize. The temptation to scrap the contest and try again for a better turn-out isn’t one you want to act on. Whether or not your contest yields the results you were shooting for, you still owe it to your entrants to deliver what you promised. Otherwise, future entrants will be hesitant to enter, thinking you might act on what you promise.

Choosing the right prize involves taking the time to think about who you’re reaching out to, and whether you want a wide or narrow appeal. Each prize will have advantages and drawbacks, depending on who you’re looking to target. It takes some consideration, but with your marketing goals in mind, you can easily come up with something that will get people excited!

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