Video Marketing Best Practices: Incorporating the Sales Message

Video Marketing Best Practices: Incorporating the Sales MessageSelling products to the modern consumer is an exercise in reverse psychology. Here are some of the video marketing best practices for getting your message across in a way that will actually help your revenues.
The Emotional Ping
Informing the audience must coincide with an effort to entertain the audience. However, entertainment does not necessarily mean a positive emotion. Although marketing pros agree that the first emotional ping should happen within the first five seconds of an ad, the positive or negative nature of the ping is unimportant. What is important is to move your audience emotionally before trying to sell.
The Sell Placement
In most ads, the main focus of the ad is a central character. You do not have to speak your sell out of the mouth of this character. Actually, the modern consumer responds better to an alternative sell. For instance, your brand or banner quietly sits to the side of the central character as he expounds upon a problem that your brand can solve. Your ad points to the brand as a solution in a unique way, but your central character does not have to speak it.
The Call to Action
Most marketing experts believe the call to action comes at the end of the ad. This is the traditional way of thinking about the CTA, but there are more effective ways to move your potential customer to action. In general, the call to action happens throughout the entire ad through visual placement of the brand, a spoken aside from a secondary character or a reference to a keyword that your brand associates with. Put multiple calls to action in your ads using every sense you can to call attention to them.