Video Marketing Campaign Myths: Busted

Video Marketing CampaignThere are a few video marketing campaign myths that need to be busted and put to rest. Let's take a look at a few of those, and talk about why video marketing campaigns are more doable than you might think.

The myth: A video is not a success unless it goes viral

Wrong! In a perfect world, every video we put out would instantly go viral. That's not the case for a lot of us, but the idea that our video hasn't made an impact unless it's spreading like wildfire is untrue. Consider the goal of your video marketing efforts. If you're looking to expand your reach, why wouldn't you use video? We know that video consumption is on the rise. And it's only expected to increase over the next few years. Even without a viral slam dunk, small video marketing campaigns achieve what we want them to. Like a lot of what we do, you get what you put into it. Which brings us to our next myth.

The myth: Video marketing is too costly

As I mentioned above, marketing is all about getting what you put into it. Brand's often confuse this sentiment with the idea that they need to throw money at their campaign for it to accomplish anything. The truth is that video marketing is becoming more and more affordable for the little guy. Instead of hiring actors, and spending money on making your video look like it came out of Hollywood, stick to an underlying message. Put the focus back on content, choosing substance over highly stylized content. Flash and style is okay, but it isn't everything, especially considering how affordable it is to utilize without it.

The myth: Coming up with ideas is hard

I'm pretty sure you're overthinking it. I get it, you have a time crunch. There are a million things to do in a day, and coming up with an engaging idea is lower on your list of priorities. I promise it's easier than you think. Instead of pressuring yourself to come up with the next great idea, go back to your message and what you want video marketing to do with your brand. More often than not, you'll come up with something great just by doing that. And if you're having a little trouble, get a team who can put their heads together with you. Some of the best ideas come about when we brainstorm and bounce ideas together.

The myth: Video can't do anything for my brand

Based on all that we've covered, I think it's safe to say that this myth is busted! Anytime we take on a new campaign, it's valid to have concerns about how effective it will be, especially when we're on a budget, or worried about the lack of hours in the day. Video marketing campaigns don't have to be a source of stress, and shouldn't be! It's mostly a manner of proper planning, and taking the time to evaluate what your brand is aiming to do.