Video Marketing Campaign Tips from the Top

Video Marketing CampaignA successful video marketing campaign accomplishes a few things at once. Obviously, you're grabbing attention, keeping viewers tuned in and laughing, or warming their hearts. But it's also important that you're generating conversation, that it doesn't taper off once the video ends. There needs to be endurance, which is the mark of a great campaign. Here are some videos that bring those components together:
First up, Puppy Love by Budweiser
What's not to love about an adorable friendship between a determined puppy and horse? The commercial aired at the Super Bowl, where the minute long story charmed viewers.  It was a follow up from Brotherhood, the commercial from the previous year and featured the awesome bond between a Clydesdale and its trainer. So, what made audiences fall in love with what they saw in Puppy Love? First, the story. Puppy meets horse, we see the bond between them as the puppy repeatedly makes a break for it to meet up with its pal. And when the puppy is adopted, a team of horses surround the car, making it impossible for the puppy to be taken away. It isn't just that the video is well done in terms of the shots that are used to develop the pacing of the story, also take note of the song choice and how it impacts the mood and conveys emotion in the video. Shots, lighting, subject matter and music choice all carry mood, and are an important way in which you control how viewers are feeling when they watch the video, and what they take away from it. Aside from how well done it is, part of the effectiveness stems from the anticipation of what Budweiser was going to bring to the Super Bowl. It's a continuation of tradition, using cute animals to suck us in and tug our heart strings, also making us wonder what next year's commercial will be, which proves that the commercial doesn't have to narrow its focus on the product they're selling, in order to be a hit.
#LikeAGirl from Always
The campaign from Always includes a hashtag right in the title. Right from the jump, they're issuing a call to action to spread the word that #LikeAGirl shouldn't be synonymous with weakness, or used as a put down. The effectiveness of the video stems from the depictions of older and younger women, with boys and men sprinkled in there, having a conversation that invites viewers to think and then join in. Like Puppy Love, both commercials aren't overtly selling a product. Instead, they take a positive concept that viewers can link to the brand, asking for viewer involvement. In the case of #LikeAGirl, Always is using a cultural norm to get people thinking and interacting, with their product in the back of people's minds.
Burger King's Proud Whopper
The Proud Whopper commercial was introduced to coincide with LGBTQ Pride celebrations in June. The growing trend for businesses to feature some sort of representation of being pro-LGBTQ has taken off in recent years. Despite anti-LGBTQ stances from conservative corporations, others are hopping on the bandwagon because it's profitable to throw your support behind the cause. In the case of this video, the most effective part of its release is that it gets people talking, and garners a whole lot of views in the process. The debate taking place over what it means to support LGBTQ people versus using Pride, and LGBTQ folks for commercials is a whole other blog post, and definitely worth having. Meanwhile, the video from Burger King has received a whole lot of attention, and, good or bad, has caused quite a bit of debate.