August 18, 2016

Video Marketing Conferences to Attend: INBOUND 2016

Video Marketing Conferences to Attend: INBOUND 2016INBOUND is perhaps the largest and best conference for marketers to hone their skills, be inspired and build connections that lead to business transformation.

This November, Hubspot will host its annual event in Boston, Massachusetts that attracted over 14,000+ marketing and sales professions in 2015. Although not exclusively a video marketing event, INBOUND 2016 will offer several breakout sessions that discuss in-depth techniques for what’s working today in video marketing, so it definitely should make your list of must-attend video marketing conferences.

Because INBOUND is a huge event with lots of great workshops happening at the same time, it’s ideal to make a list of trainings that you’d like to attend in advance to create a personalized experience based on your marketing goals. For video marketing, here are a few pivotal breakout sessions you should keep in mind:

  • How to Upcycle your Content for Maximum Mileage: Each piece of content builds upon the next. And each piece is also a stand-alone article with its own power and SEO juice. During this session, content marketing strategist Salma Jafri will show you how to take existing content and convert it into multiple ways for big results.

INBOUND is a huge opportunity to network and experience some of the best professionals in the marketing industry, including video. Learn what’s working now to implement these current tactics into your marketing to tremendously progress your business goals. Much success!

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