3 Video Marketing Experts to Follow on Twitter

3 Video Marketing Experts to Follow on TwitterVideo marketing is the small business outreach of the present and future, and you need to know how to take full advantage of the medium. Not surprisingly, many key influencers in the video marketing arena can be found on popular social networks, including Twitter and Facebook. To leverage their expertise, here are three established and fun video marketing experts to follow, take advice from and communicate with on Twitter.
Stephanie Carls (@stephelisecarls)
Stephanie Carls is a YouTube how-to guru, as well as a prominent Twitter personality, and she is upheld by none other than the Huffington Post. If you're looking for a vibrant personality who can offer tips on how to better market your videos (especially in the tech space), Stephanie is your go-to girl.
Dwight Cook (@dwightcook)
Dwight Cook is perhaps the most unique personality in the world of video marketing. However, his ideas are effective, and the way in which he presents his views will open your eyes to new possibilities and strategies. Dwight also has great advice on production as well as marketing to improve overall engagement with your content.
Mark R. Robertson (@markrrobertson)
Another noteworthy expert who's active in the Twitterverse is Mark Robertson, the founder of ReelSEO, a leading site for advice on video marketing. Besides offering loads of advice and shared pieces from other resources, Mark has such a great and silly personality on Twitter that it's hard not to be charmed by his tweets! Who else do you follow on Twitter for video marketing tips and tricks? Comment and let us know!