Video Marketing: Facts Vs Fiction

Video MarketingThere's a lot of conversation taking place around video marketing. It's great to tune in and get insight from campaigns and among peers, but what about some of the persistent myths? It's about time to put some of them to rest and really get into what's so great about video marketing. Let's talk video marketing fiction versus fact.
Fiction: Only big budget companies can produce the kind of video people want to watch
Fact: Actually, you don't need to drain your budget to woo viewers
More and more we're realizing what really matters when we talk about video marketing. There's a lot of pressure to create a campaign that'll go viral, framing marketing as a competition between big companies with a huge marketing budget and small businesses. In reality, going viral and reaching a huge audience requires an astronomical amount of cash and isn't necessarily a sign of success. Big businesses that throw cash and everything else they've got at social media to make it work aren't building meaningful relationships with viewers. A lot of viral videos rely on shock value, or video that's mostly unrelated to the product or service. Rather than making the focus going viral or spending too much money without really achieving much, the goal should be to make content that matters. Creative video that promotes what your brand's all about will have more impact, which is how it should be!
Fiction: Viewers have no attention span, so keep your videos short
Fact: You're better off with a variety of video - that includes length!
There's a lot of talk about video length. Generally, most of it focuses on the fact that less is more and long video can cause viewers to tune out. The truth? There's no magic number. Even if there was a time frame, some rules are made to be broken. Instead of getting hung up on a time limit, make it your goal to say what you need to say in each video, and leave it at that. If your message is compelling and complete, meaning you don't cut all of your video off at the two minute mark because of arbitrary rules, then you're getting your message across and accomplishing what you set out to do.
Fiction: Put one video on your site and watch the traffic roll in
Fact: It'll take a little more effort than that
Video really is capable of accomplishing amazing things for businesses. It's a fresh, exciting way of sharing what we're passionate about with our audience. It allows us to connect on social media and can convey more than text alone. But the idea that putting up one video and calling it a day as an effective strategy isn't going to get you far. The key to video marketing is that, like any other strategy, it requires that you have an understanding of what you want. More than that, it means learning and evolving, as well as being willing to put in the effort to make it happen. Successful video marketing requires a unique blend of creativity and discipline, and means staying on our toes to continue reaching out and making connections in new ways.