Video Marketing Tips for Your First Campaign

Video Marketing TipsBefore I get to the video marketing tips, here’s a fitting metaphor for all the work and effort that goes into great video marketing campaigns. All of it - the prep, commitment, success or failure, is a lot like competing in a race.

Before your feet meet the starting line, you've already put in a lot of work to make sure you're in peak condition for race day. You might have some jitters you have to shake off so you can get your head in the right frame of mind to compete and do your best.

The same can be said about great campaigns, which require the same kind of planning and dedication in order to come out in first place.

The warm up

The warm up is all about prep. It certainly isn't the sexiest aspect of video marketing, but you'll be grateful that you sorted the mundane stuff out ahead of time when your campaign goes off without a hitch.


This is where goals are identified and looked at in accordance with what your brand is capable of accomplishing. It's the time to lay out what you'd like to see happen when more people are exposed to your brand. Try to stay away from the shallow stuff. Bosses like hearing that you're having movement on social media, but making it all about the numbers - 200 more Likes, an increase in Twitter followers - isn't a great indicator of actual engagement, unless you make something happen with those new fans.

Just as important as what you want - knowing how you're going to make it happen deserves consideration and planning. This includes not only what you want to happen, but when and how. Is your campaign going to take 6 months or longer to execute? What's the budget looking like? All of these considerations, and more, need to be on the table as you plan.


The biggest tip I can give to save you time and frustration is to work on your ideas as a team. Brainstorming and kicking around the not-so-great ideas until you find the right one is done better in a team environment. This means encouraging everyone to share and be heard without being afraid of being picked apart or dressed down in front of everyone else. No one wants to dive in and get to work with the threat of being laughed at looming over them. Do your part to make it a team environment, and you'll get the results you're looking for.

Steady start
The race is under way. You're keeping a steady pace, feeling ready to go thanks to that warm up. Staying the course

Plenty of campaigns get off to a great start. With the right prep and an angle that'll interest viewers, it can feel great to hit the ground running.

Video marketing takes persistence. One of the biggest problems that can happen if you don't do your homework, is the belief that you can post one video and be done. To see any results, you can't just lay the ground work and call it quits after one video. If you want to reach people by ranking higher up in search engine results, you're going to need more than one video to get there. Successful campaigns can take months or years to complete.

See your campaign through, keep that momentum. Commit to what you're doing and what you can accomplish, or don't do it at all.

Remain humble

Don't get cocky! Mistakes happen when you start celebrating too early and lose your focus. There's still work to be done. Focus on that and keep your eye on the prize. The celebrating can happen later.

Finish line

The race is over. How did you place? Can you see how any of your actions before or during the race impacted where you ended up?

Time to evaluate successes and failures

Here's where you break down what worked and what you can work on for your future campaigns.

It's important to reserve some judgement and allow for the dust to settle before you make a sweeping judgement about what you could've done differently. Campaigns don't generate results overnight, which is why you'll need to keep track of your progress over a period of time. This goes back to the commitment mentioned earlier. If you really want to know how your campaign is shaking things up, you have to be willing to chart your progress before, throughout, and after the campaign wraps up.

Create video marketing campaigns that your fans can get excited about. We know the appetite for video is out there. It's up to you to create the kind of content they'll want to tune in for!