June 16, 2016

Video Marketing Trends: Facebook Over YouTube?

Video Marketing Trends: Facebook Over YouTube?Could it be that the number one video sharing site is actually lagging behind another social media platform in terms of video output, reach and market value?

As a matter of fact, it not only could be, it is! Video marketing trends indicate that Facebook has actually become a better medium to house video content than YouTube.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Facebook vs. YouTube when it comes to video marketing:

Long-Term Marketing

Facebook offers no monetization for videos placed on its platform, so you should understand there is no immediate incentive. Companies prioritize their placement of videos on Facebook for click-throughs, reach and conversion, meaning that YouTube definitely still holds a place in the SMB market. However, if you’re looking for reach to sell a product, Facebook’s 1.5 billion profiles (and growing) beat YouTube by a country mile.

Quicker Reach

Not only does Facebook offer more reach, but videos go viral on Facebook more quickly than on YouTube. Because there are no ads and users are able to scroll through many videos at once, content tends to move more quickly on Facebook. Videos that get thousands of views on YouTube can easily move into the tens or even hundreds of thousands on Facebook, albeit with no monetization.

For a Limited Time Only

Facebook recently faced controversy for its limitation of organic content. YouTubers of all people began to call out Facebook for requiring a Facebook ad buy just to reach the people who had already liked their Facebook page. You can bet that Facebook will continue to limit organic reach over time, so get that reach on the platform while you can!

What other video marketing trends have you noticed as of late? Comment and let us know!

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