Video Marketing Trends: Facebook's 360-degree Video Only a Step Away from VR Advertising

What Do the Best Customer Testimonial Videos Have in Common?Although Facebook’s first 360-degree video ad, published earlier this month, is not quite virtual reality (VR), it’s a very small step away from it. This video type, “surround"-view video, is very essential to VR since it simulates a person’s perception according to the direction that person would turn. But it doesn’t consider all five senses like full VR. Once full VR video advertising goes mainstream over social media, it will be one of the greatest video marketing trends of the century. And when Facebook's 360-degree video feature ascends to the next level of VR innovation, we predict that it'll become a significant source for customer video testimonials. Because the 360-degree videos on Facebook are not full VR, a user doesn’t need a VR headset to view them. However, users who have Samsung’s Gear VR headset are able to watch with a more immersive experience. According to TechCrunch, “These videos can be watched by tap-and-dragging around the screen, or for a [more] true virtual reality experience, . . . on the Samsung Gear VR.” Video publishing companies such as GoPro are producing material for Facebook’s News Feed that might lead to increased headset sales for Facebook, says Kurt Wagner in his article at This would mean more users exposed to the fuller VR experience, including ads.
The Future of Customer Video Testimonials
Users viewing these ads will be a significant source for customer testimonials. Why? The VR experience will result in more sales of the products and services advertised which means more customers willing to give their opinions of them. It will pave the way for inserting VR ads between virtual reality programming—such as movies, games and streaming television—which will make the customer testimonial source even bigger and more specific to certain markets. For example, VR combat sports programming would draw fans that athletic goods companies may want to sell to. This isn’t just a source for customer testimonials, however. It’s also an opportunity for marketers themselves to use VR videos to display those testimonials. What better way to produce a video testimonial than with VR video? It would put potential customers as close as they can get to the real experience of listening to their fellow customer’s opinions. This may, even if only subconsciously, make the ad more convincing. So get ready to adopt this important method of advertising as one of your marketing strategies. It’s only a step away!