Video Marketing Trends for 2016: Periscope

Video Marketing Trends for 2016: PeriscopeLaunched in 2015, Periscope quickly rose in popularity and numerous marketers consider it one of the video marketing trends for 2016. Numerous entrepreneurs, speakers, celebrities, and marketers have dipped their feet in the water. Ellen DeGeneres is just one example of a famous talk show host who has tried Periscope. What exactly is Periscope? It's a live video streaming app owned by Twitter that enables audience engagement during the broadcast via giving hearts and sending comments that show up on the stream. A completed broadcast on Periscope can be replayed for 24 hours before it disappears. This creates a sense of urgency in followers to watch the video within 24 hours because there's no guarantee the broadcaster will upload the video to another site like YouTube. So how can you, as a marketer, make use of Periscope? One way is to announce new products and provide special offers through this live video tool. Other ideas include Q&A sessions, views into brand culture, and special guest takeovers. Where's the proof that Periscope is a video marketing trend? Take a look a these Periscope facts and statistics:
  • Six months after its launch, Periscope reached 10 million downloads.
  • Periscope has 1.85 million active daily users.
  • 350,000 hours worth of video is recorded daily on Periscope.
  • 40 years worth of video is watched every day on Periscope.
Live video streaming has been increasing in popularity, and Periscope is one of the top video streaming platforms being used. Periscope will likely continue rising throughout 2016 as word spreads and more brands incorporate it into their video marketing strategies. Now's the time for you to start video marketing with Periscope before the competition for loyal viewers increases.