October 16, 2014

Video Testimonial Benefits: What No One is Talking About

Video Testimonial BenefitsWhen you get right down to it, there are plenty of video testimonial benefits for you and your brand.  What’s not to love about allowing clients to brag up what you do? But there’s one benefit that isn’t discussed as much, which you should definitely take into account when you decide to incorporate video into your marketing toolbox.

Showing off your product in new ways

We all know that testimonials are great for your brand because it takes the usual salesy feel out of the conversation. Consumers respond to traditional advertising efforts, but feel much more at ease and less likely to tune out when you cut through the sales talk. Instead, with video testimonials, consumers are the ones interacting; by watching videos, commenting, and getting to know your product through the eyes of someone who they instinctively trust.

We talk about how great it is for your brand to shine through testimonials, but what they can do for your product or service is also worth mentioning and thinking about! The awesome thing about letting testimonials do some of the talking, or showing, is that the videos can often touch on things you might not even think of. Everyone on the inside is used to looking at your product through one lens, while users and clients will be viewing it in an original, thought-provoking way.

That’s why you shouldn’t miss out on asking for testimonials that highlight new features, or an exciting service you’re rolling out. If you ask a select few clients to preview the changes you’re making, it’ll make them feel valued, like they’re being let in on a secret, while getting the word out for you.

Video Testimonial Success