December 19, 2014

Video Testimonial Best Practices: Tips for the New Year

Video Testimonial Best PracticesNew year, new you – right? The same can be said for your brand. As we get in gear for 2015, here are some video testimonial best practices to make sure start out on the right foot!

Get into the habit of asking

If 2014 wasn’t the year of the testimonial for your brand, there’s at least one easy fix – if you haven’t already, get in the habit of asking.

The fear of being turned down is common, but the truth is that most clients are more than happy to help your brand out by recording a testimonial. People who are choosing to invest their time and money and stick with your product or service because they’re happy with what you do are going to have no problem telling other people why they love what you do.

Know where the focus should be

Cut down on the need for editing video testimonials by knowing where the focus of each video is going to be. This isn’t the same as leading clients, or taking it a step further and coaching them on what to say – which defeats the purpose of organic testimonials.

Instead, it means being aware of which of the best aspects of your brand are being explored. You don’t want ten videos praising your customer service, and zero mentioning the latest feature you’re unveiling. While it’s awesome to have testimonials that provide examples of stand out customer service interactions, you’re also looking to have video that covers more than one topic.

Put your best face forward

Remember to rotate your testimonials. There are always going to be some that really knock it out of the park. Resist the temptation to keep that video, or the handful that really do a great job, at the forefront for extended periods of time.

Rotating video is a good idea because it means there’s something new for prospective clients to check out when they visit your site. They want up-to-date information about your services and what you do, and rotating video is one step to make sure they’re getting it.

Make the process easy and accessible

In 2015, give your brand and loyal clients the gift of an easy and accessible testimonial recording process. Whether it’s in your office with a phone or tablet, from the comfort of their home or on-the-go – making it easy on everyone means they’re more likely to repeat the process for you in the future.

Video Testimonial Success