December 17, 2015

Video Testimonial Ideas That Lead to Sales Conversions

Video Testimonial Ideas That Lead to Sales ConversionsWhen you ask customers for a video testimonial, you want to receive an authentic testimonial that increases sales conversions.

Easier said than done, right?

So how exactly do you make sure that your customers provide you with videos that are not only authentic and natural, but also lead to increased sales?

The following video testimonial ideas will help you ask for and receive video testimonials that are informative, interesting, authentic, and specific to your business.

1. Forget the script

Instead of asking your customers and clients to read from a script, ask them to share their thoughts verbatim. Video testimonials are more powerful when they come across as conversational and authentic. You want potential customers to have an emotional response when viewing your video and the best way to do this is through a user-generated video.

2. Offer prompts

Many customers who love your products or services may avoid leaving a video testimonial because they feel uneasy about the process. They’re not sure what to say, so they end up making general comments without going into greater detail about what makes your product or service different from your competitors. To simplify the process, offer prompts to help your customers articulate their thoughts. Make sure that the prompts do not feed keywords or soundbites to your customers, however. It’s important that the customers share their own personal experiences and sound unrehearsed when doing so.

3. Focus on a specific service or product

One way to create video testimonials that stand out and lead to sales conversions is to steer customers towards a specific service or product. Help guide your customers towards providing a testimonial that showcases the most marketable aspects of your business with questions such as, “What was your favorite part of our [BLANK] webinar?” or “How did our [BLANK] services impact your quarterly sales report?” This is especially valuable when you want to use video marketing to increase sales of a single product or single service. Remember, the more specific you are when providing questions, the more specific your video testimonials will be.

Utilizing these video testimonial ideas will ensure that your business has video testimonials that speak to new and potential customers.

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