November 21, 2013

Video Testimonial Page Design: Less Is More

There are no firm rules for video testimonial page design. We talk about the process of getting the testimonials and the value of what video can do for your business. They are all important aspects of your online marketing strategy.

Once you’ve received video testimonials, and you’ve edited them so they’re an appropriate length and quality, it’s time to display them. It’s exciting because you can finally show off the finished videos, placing them strategically on your website.

So, how do you display them? What’ll look best – and more importantly, what will nudge consumers in the direction of making a purchase? We’ve found 3 sites that do an excellent job with video testimonial page design. Here’s how they do it:

First up, we have Pronto Heating & AC

Pronto Heat & AC

What they do well:

Video testimonials are front and center when you click on the page.

If you’re designing the space for your testimonials, make sure they’re easily accessible. Testimonials that are all the way at the bottom of the page aren’t going to generate as many clicks. Consumers aren’t known for their patience, and that includes scrolling for video!

Also, text testimonials are included.

Video has the capability to establish connections and build trust with consumers. It’s also easy to share and can make the rounds, something that text can’t do. But there is something to be said about still including text on your testimonial page. Consumers will skim text in addition to viewing video testimonials. Including both will appeal to a wider audience with varying preferences, which Pronto Heat does.

Next, Time To Hire

Time To HireWhat they do well:

Their video testimonial page design is sleek. They provide an image that is sharp and attention-grabbing. Above it you can see their logo and contact information, which is a must so viewers know how to get in touch.

At the center of the page, consumers can easily access a series of videos with a few clicks. Most importantly, Time To Hire has the right idea about video positioning with their video testimonials located directly above a button that reads, Get Started Now.

When consumers are at the point where they’re asked to click through, or consider committing to a product or service, is when video testimonials do their best work. They’ll put consumers at ease and make them view your brand as one to be trusted compared to competitors.

Finally, we have Easy Storage Solutions

Easy Storage SolutionWhat they do well:

They’re an excellent example of less being more. Beneath the contact info and logo, they use a plain white background to display video testimonials.

Also, selling points are listed beneath the videos, using bullet points to keep the information tidy. Easy Storage Solutions’ page highlights the fact that a clean, neat design can be the most effective.

Rather than cluttering the page with too many images or too much text, the information and video testimonials are organized so consumers can easily scroll through and watch or read. Video testimonial page design shouldn’t include clutter, or anything that can distract consumers. It might be tempting to jazz up the page that’s showing off client videos, but keep in mind that the video will do an excellent job speaking for itself.

When you’re putting together a video testimonial page design, there are a few different routes you can take. We highlighted some positive aspects of what other companies are doing, and now it’s your turn. Just remember that you’re highlighting the videos, and if you choose a design that can make them the center of attention on the page – you’ve got a good start!

Video Testimonial Success