December 18, 2013

Video Testimonial Plugin: 3 Must-Have Features

Video Testimonial Plugin

We already know about the power of customer recorded testimonials. Before you get started, you need to take a look at video testimonial plugin features to find what will keep up with your video needs.

Here are the must-haves for your video testimonial recorder plugin.


Consumers want to know what users are saying. If we’re being mindful about customer service, we want to know what they’re saying, too! What’s being said in testimonials can be a wonderful tool for meaningful change from the inside, but quite a bit of power rests in what it can do for other consumers. It’s essential that clients stay on track during their video testimonial. Content should be able to convey the necessary information in a concise, efficient manner.

Rambling testimonials won’t be as effective because viewers are prone to clicking away if they’re attention isn’t captured and held. If you’re using a plugin, you can keep users on track by placing a time limit. That way, they can nail their talking points without you having to worry about editing the content down to a reasonable time. Consumers have a delicate attention span and this will be a huge help.

Mobile compatibility

Mobile usage is soaring. Across the board, users are  taking their online presence on-the-go. Shopping, surfing, checking in with their favorite brands – all easier than ever. Even if users are at home a huge part of their time online is facilitated through a mobile device.

In order to be able to really connect, you want to make sure they can submit testimonials via smartphone and tablet. Mobility isn’t expected to slow down. If your plugin isn’t allowing you to receive submissions from devices, it’s not going to do much for your business.

Playlist options

Chances are, you’re not going to display every testimonial you receive. There are a variety of reasons for this. Some testimonials will pertain to a specific initiative. Or maybe you receive a handful over time that are not on par with the content you want on your website.

Whatever the reason, a playlist allows you to stream the videos you want others to see. This also means that you can adjust which videos you’re using over time. There will be new video testimonials, different campaigns – all an opportunity to display what’s relevant at the time.

As far as re-vamping your marketing strategy – video testimonials are an excellent starting point. They build trust, which is one of many steps toward maintaining a healthy image as your brand grows. Video connects consumers, brings them together for meaningful conversations that might take place at a distance from the brand.

Video testimonials also bring together short and long term goals. If you keep in mind where you’re heading for future marketing efforts, video will be an important step in getting you there.

Video Testimonial Success