December 26, 2014

Video Testimonial Tips: The Key to Effective Storytelling

Video Testimonial TipsWhat makes a great story? What about it caught and held your interest?

We have a few video testimonial tips for effective storytelling. In the same way we use stories to pass on what’s important, funny, or educational – your brand can be framing testimonials as another means to get your story out into the world.

An engaged storyteller

Testimonials aren’t meant to be too long, and it’s for a good reason. Viewers should be able to get a sense of what your brand does well from a quick, engaging story or anecdote. Unless you want them tuning out or clicking away, the storyteller should be passionate about what they have to share.

An audience is going to be able to tell if the person isn’t too enthused, or, worse yet, being paid to give a scripted testimonial. They don’t have to be a professional, like an actor, to get their point across. They simply need to be engaged with the topic, and it’ll show through.


Every story has a begin, middle, and end. Just the basics – it’s a formula that’s used every time we tell a story, without even having to think about it. In the case of video testimonials, the conflict of the story usually receives a lot of focus.

You’ll want testimonials which highlight conflicts, or problems in the lives of your clients in order for the testimonial to highlight how your brand was able to solve them. People are looking to you to fill a void or solve a problem; otherwise, why bother investing in you?

Sticking to the point

One of the worst things to happen to a good story is rambling away from the main point. In the case of testimonials, this can be a killer. Whether they’re discussing your top notch customer service, or your latest feature update – however long the testimonial is, it should always come back to a single main point.

The danger of trying to say too much in one testimonial, is that you’ll lose the attention of your audience, and end up with ineffective video that can’t be used.

It’s better to keep the focus narrowed and have one good, if short, story, rather than trying to make too many points at once.

Video Testimonial Success