Video Vs Text: 3 Advantages Of Video Marketing

Video MarketingWhat's the advantage of using video marketing instead of sticking with text? There are more than a few reasons you should make the switch, and not just because of the everyone's doing it line.

The interest is already there

We've watched video take off like wildfire. Everyone has a favorite cat video. Or a beloved dog shaming one. Even better, recreational video watching is even easier to access with the rise in mobility. If your target audience is watching at home and on-the-go, it only makes sense to reach them in a way that compliments their online usage. We already know that video isn't going anywhere, let alone slowing down. There's no need to do any convincing or worry that video is just a trend. It has established itself as a powerful medium. It's up to you how you choose to use it!


Are you more likely to pay attention to a wall of text, or a video that a friend shares on Facebook? Let's face it, text doesn't have the shareability that video does. Viewers tend to tune out when they see a lot of text. Best case scenario they're going to skim what you have to say. Otherwise they'll skip it altogether, which isn't going to help you're marketing efforts. Not only is video going to get watched, but it can make the rounds on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites, thanks to sharing. Even if you continue using text for updates and testimonials, you should pair text and video to give your message a boost.

Cutting cost

Cost is the bottom line for any marketing endeavor. The worry with video marketing seems to be that it's way too expensive. People's first thoughts are usually of fancy lighting, hiring actors, and other expenses that aren't necessary for a small business to make good videos. Some brands equate a successful campaign with throwing a lot of money at it and hoping the expense makes up for a lack of message. But it's easier than ever for everyone to make quality videos. It's no surprise that video marketing is budget-friendly when you consider how quickly it's taken off. Now it's a matter of knowing what you want to accomplish with your videos and being on the look-out for what can help you achieve it.

The takeaway

Are you doing the most to reach your audience? If not, it's time to get creative and see what video marketing can do for your brand.