March 3, 2016

3 Ways to Ensure You Get Excellent Customer Testimonials

3 Tips for Creating Excellent Customer Testimonial VideosCustomer testimonials are important for sales because prospective customers see them as honest evaluations of a product or service, unlike a sales pitch or an advertisement that’s expected to be biased.

One way to get those excellent customer testimonials that are both useful and meaningful is to provide customers with some questions, generally on the business website that ask them to rate certain characteristic.

Questions, such as, “Were our personal knowledgeable?” or “Was the service fair, great, or outstanding?” get the customer thinking of why they felt as they did. This evaluation will create much better and more “real” testimonials. You can then follow-up with customers who gave thorough and interesting feedback and ask them to expand further — on camera. This will allow you to capture some really valuable video testimonials that don’t seem rehearsed.

Another way to ensure that testimonials are outstanding would be to not simply ask for a testimonial. Often customers aren’t always sure what to say when approached with such a wide open request. Asking for a more specific evaluation can end up being much more useful.

For example, “Could you describe the most important information our agent shared with you?” or “Would you share the new feature of our widget that you find the most exciting?” encourages the customer to think positively and tell a positive story. Again, reach out to some of your best customers and ask if you could video tape them giving some authentic feedback on parts of your product/service.

Timing also matters. If a customer has spent a seemingly endless time at a car dealership and is asked at the end to write a testimonial about the salesman and the selection, nothing worth reading will be written. But, in a few days, a friendly phone call asking how the customer is actually enjoying the new car may be a very positive experience. At that time, the salesman can ask if the customer would submit a written testimonial or, better yet, submit a video testimonial of their feedback.

Bottom line: Providing thoughtful questions, specific topics, and asking at a good time are all ways to encourage receipt of excellent customer testimonials.

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