December 7, 2015

What Do the Best Customer Testimonial Videos Have in Common?

What Do the Best Customer Testimonial Videos Have in Common?Testimonials are a powerful tool in the marketer toolbox. They allow you to put the previous experiences your customers have had front and center for prospective customers who might be sitting on the fence. And although text-based testimonials are useful, they fail to establish the personal connection that video testimonials are able to create with your intended audience.

A video testimonial, however, from an actual customer is incredibly valuable. It allows you to not only show firsthand that your customers have benefited from your product or services, but it also increases brand recognition and credibility.

But creating effective video testimonials can be difficult, since you want the testimonial to appear “real” and not rehearsed. So what exactly do the best customer testimonial videos have in common?

There are several traits that all effective testimonial videos share.

A Genuine Feel

Perhaps the most important aspect of creating a video testimonial is ensuring that it feels genuine to the viewer. If they suspect that the testimonial was nothing more than a friend doing another friend a favor, it will be much less effective. Try not to script testimonials too heavily and allow your previous customers to speak from their personal experiences with your product or service. Although it might seem intuitive to have a plan in place, a micromanaged testimonial will feel forced to your audience.

A Personal Story

A customer testimonial needs to do more than confirm that they used your product or service and have positive feedback. What problem, challenge or decision led them to your service? How did they find your product? Why did they choose to buy it? Create a connection with your audience by having your customer relay a personal story of their complete experience with your company.

A Professional, Imperfect Production

Professionalism is always incredibly important when creating video testimonials, and the quality of your video should directly reflect the quality of your product or services. Luckily, video testimonial software like Bravo can provide a more professional video production, without losing that authentic and genuine touch.

Video testimonials create a simple face-to-face interaction between a prospective customer and a previous customer. Effective video testimonials will relay a professional video, with a genuine personal story that relates to how that customer came across and eventually used your product or service to improve their lives.

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