June 27, 2014

What Is Voice of the Customer? How It Can Make You the Best at What You Do

What Is Voice Of The CustomerVoice of customer, explained:

What is voice of the customer?

It’s feedback you receive from the people using your product or service, which can help you improve the experience going forward. When you update a feature or other aspect of your product or service based on the feedback you’ve received, or you use a focus group to get feedback on something you’ve done – you’re listening to the voice of your customers.


I’m sure you’ve heard some of the feedback from users of platforms like Facebook and Tumblr when there’s an update. Users often wonder why platforms choose the updates they do, instead of listening to make changes that’ll actually improve the experience of the user.

For awhile now, Tumblr users have been asking for a block feature that does what the name implies and blocks other users, usually trolls, from coming on to their blog and being creepy. Instead, they see ads on their dashboards and other changes that not only do nothing to improve their experience, but can actually take away from it.

When brands actively seek out feedback and implement changes based on what they’ve been hearing from multiple users, people know that, as a brand, you’re actually listening. It sounds simple, but it can make a world of difference when a lot of users are used to brands that aren’t tapping them for feedback or making those meaningful changes.

Another benefit is that it keeps you competitive. What you consider important as a team member isn’t necessarily going to translate to what your customers need, right? In order to grow and to do so in a way that keeps you from being phased out by competitors, you have know what the majority of your users want, and why.

How you can gather feedback to make those meaningful changes for your customers
  • Interviews with your sales and customer service reps. This is a good way to find out what they’re hearing from customers that they’re interacting with pretty regularly. A lot of brands aren’t putting in the effort to gain insight this way and are missing out. It’s worth making the time to have these conversations and understand a little better what they’re hearing day in and day out.
  • Online surveys, focus groups, interviews, and customer feedback forms are just a few of the ways you can speak directly with customers.

Don’t shy away from what customers have to say.

There’s some fear that it’s going to open the floodgates for negativity, but at the end of the day, negativity is something you can work with to make changes and be the best at what you do for users. It’s better all around if you actively ask for that feedback rather than ignoring the good and bad and not being connected to what your customers need.

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