July 30, 2014

What is Voice of the Customer Process?

Voice of the Customer ProcessThe voice of the customer process is taking place whenever you’re collecting and receiving valuable feedback from consumers.

Whether you’re seeking consumers out, or they’re coming to you, it’s a key aspect of making sure you’re in the loop about the average consumer experience. The information you gather will also allow you to make meaningful changes for your brand, especially when considering long-term goals.

Ways to collect feedback:

There are a lot of ways you can tap into how the average customer prioritizes their needs. Interviews with your sales and customer service reps are a great way to start. It’s an excellent way to find out what they’re hearing from customers, things you wouldn’t be hearing unless you were in their unique position.

Brands that aren’t putting in the effort to gain insight this way and are missing out. It’s worth making the time to have these conversations and understand a little better what they’re hearing day in and day out. It also shows that you valuable this type of feedback from your reps, which should be true.

Another popular route is the use of online surveys, focus groups, interviews, and customer feedback forms. All of them provide a more direct route to consumers, allowing you to catch a glimpse of what they actually think about your brand and what you do.

The benefits of VOC

There’s a lot that VOC can do for your brand.

It can help with decision making as you look to the future with a better understanding of customer needs and how they rank. When you correctly interpret the data you receive and use it to make meaningful changes to your brand, consumers know that you’re actually listening to what they’re telling you, and they can count on you to make their needs a priority.

That isn’t something every brand can say, and it’s definitely something you should be proud of!

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