November 29, 2013

What Makes A Good Video Testimonial Question?

What Makes A Good Video Testimonial Question

So, you’re ready to begin receiving video testimonials from clients. Awesome! Now you begin the process of figuring out what makes a good video testimonial question. Trust us, coming up with the what to ask is a lot less difficult than you’re probably thinking.

Here’s the key:

Instead of tormenting yourself over asking one perfect question, consider where you plan on placing these videos. Chances are, you’re not just going to use one video and place it on multiple pages of your website. If you make asking for video testimonials part of your closing conversation with clients, you’ll end up with multiple testimonials.

The good news is that each video can focus on a different aspect of your business. You’re probably thinking – that’s the problem, how do I narrow down questions so I’m asking the right thing? Before you consider what to ask, go back to thinking about where you’ll be placing the videos. We have three questions to get you started, and put prospective clients at ease.

What problem did the product or service solve?

This question will go a long way in putting consumers at ease. Video testimonials that address any concerns they’ll have about investing their money, do well on the page where they’re making a purchase. Consumers want to be reassured that you’ll deliver on what you promise, and you’re worth investing in. Allow satisfied clients to put them at ease.

Also, the question is direct. It has a clear focus, which will yield better results from clients who might be nervous on camera. Instead of asking clients a vague questions about their experience with your business, keep it focused so they stay on point.

What feature stands out?

Rather than asking a satisfied client to highlight every great feature that your product or service has, stick to one. Again, it keeps them on point. Testimonials that ramble on and lose focus will require editing, and that’s something you want to avoid. This question is also great if you’ve just introduced a new feature that you want to draw attention to.

Even if you ask two clients about the same feature, you won’t receive the same answer. Ask what they thought about the feature you want to highlight, and you can display both, each answer providing different insight to prospective clients.

Highlight customer service

This isn’t a particular question, but it’s a line of thinking that you’ll want to pursue. The importance of providing quality costumer service, and having prospective clients hear about it through your website and social media, is vital. If you have a client who had a particularly good experience, whether it was with troubleshooting, or just their interactions with your staff, ask about it for a testimonial.

Don’t be afraid to address any issues that might have come up. This is an instance where you’re in control of presenting how the issue was handled. Instead of waiting to do damage control when a problem is brought up through social media, you can address it and show how it was taken care of. It looks good to prospective and current clients to see you being proactive, and taking an interest in the quality of their experience.

Just remember, before you do any asking, you have to have an idea about where the video testimonials are going to go. From there, it’s a matter of asking satisfied clients questions that will put prospective clients at ease. If your questions are focused, and address multiple facets of your product or service, you’re on the right track.

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