February 18, 2016

What Makes the Best Customer Testimonial Videos?

What Makes the Best Customer Testimonial Videos?With all the video marketing available on the web, what makes the very best customer testimonial videos, i.e. the ones that will really stand out and get your brand the attention it deserves?

An attention-grabbing customer testimonial is one with the “wow” factor in three key areas: testimonials from people consumers can relate to, great value demonstrated for the money, and inspiration for how to use your product or service.

Whatever your product, a customer testimonial is going to end up lost in the crowd if the person recording it is not one that your intended audience can relate to. An overly polished presentation and flowery, stilted, or ostentatious language are things to avoid to preserve that valuable spark of connection with the viewer. The video testimonials that will stand out in your customers’ minds are the ones that will make them feel like they’re hearing the opinion of a friend or neighbor rather than a salesperson. (These 3 good video testimonial questions can help you steer your customers in the right direction!)

Potential customers also want to know that your product is an excellent value for the money. Rather than making direct comparisons to competitors’ products or pricing, encourage video testimonials that instead actually demonstrate that value in action. The best testimonials come from long-term users of your product and repeat clients who can offer real-life examples of how your products or services have benefited them.

The final “wow factor” to look for is inspiration for use. Seeing how other people have used and enjoyed your services or products sparks consumers’ imaginations. They want to picture themselves enjoying the same benefits! Seeing multiple exciting ways others have used your service or product also increases the perceived value of what you are offering.

For the best customer testimonial videos that will stand out in a crowd, you need a customer that other consumers can relate to, examples of the value your product or service has, and inspiration for how consumers can benefit from what you offer. For more guidance, check out some of the best questions for video testimonials for more inspiration on how to encourage these factors in your own customer testimonials!

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