February 4, 2014

What The Latest Video Testimonial Statistics Are Telling Us

Video Testimonial StatisticsWhat are the latest video testimonial statistics saying about the power of video?

According to the information gathered by WebDAM, things are looking good. WebDAM recently released an infographic that features trends that are going to drive marketing in 2014, and it has given us more than a few statistics to think over.

We’re always reading up on the latest statistics in an attempt to see what the long-term trajectory looks like. Our marketing strategies are framed around a blend of numbers, experience and best-guesses. We can’t predict everything perfectly, but we can take a look at the data we’re given, and plan accordingly.

Here’s what the numbers are saying now, and what we can take away from them:

Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for all types of content marketing, with a rating of 89%.

Eighty nine percent effectiveness rating is nothing to sneeze at. In fact, it’s the kind of number that’s making marketers sit up and pay attention.

Compared to making an educated guess – knowing that video testimonials are doing more than other types of contest is pretty important. It reinforces what we’ve witnessed with the explosion of online video consumption. Video has clearly positioned itself as a tool to connect viewers with their brands by fostering trust and loyalty, two things that can be hard to come by without the right marketing.

Video has been doing what text alone cannot. We’ve seen video in action for the past few years, and this just confirms what we’ve known, and gives us something to pass on to our boss when they need a gentle nudge to trust what we’ve been saying.

65% of your audience are visual learners

This is another important tidbit to pass on to the higher ups.

It’s the kind of statistic that challenges us to look at what our marketing strategy is comprised of and decide if we can do better. We know that our audience is made up of visual learners. How is that knowledge reflected in the marketing we’re doing?

If you don’t have an answer ready, maybe it’s time to do some re-evaluating. If video isn’t part of your strategy, how else are you appealing and reaching out to your audience? Shareability has been a buzz word, lately, referring to the ability of content to make the rounds based on the ease of sharing among online users.

Video not only appeals to the majority of your audience, which is made up of visual learners, but it also has the shareability factor. If you’re attempting to make any sort of impact through text alone, it’s probably time to do some re-considering about how you can make the most of text and video.

The takeaway

Checking in on the latest statistics gives us an opportunity to sit with the new data and see where our strategy is vs what we’re being told. For a lot of us, it confirms what we already guessed through our own experience working with video content. But it can also serve as an indication that we need to make a few changes. And both are important in making sure our marketing efforts are doing the most for our brand.

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