August 7, 2014

What to Look for in a Video Interview Platform

Video Interview PlatformThe right video interview platform can really shake up the interview process – in the best way possible! Video has really streamlined how businesses, big and small, interview, making the process easier all around.

Scheduling interviews is a nightmare. Corporations have their own hiring process, although it can still hemorrhage time and money. But small businesses, in particular, can face an even greater challenge due to tighter budget restraints. It’s one thing if your candidate lives in the same city, but what if they’re in another state, or across the world? The best solution is capturing interactions between you and candidates through a video interview platform.

On your end, it means that not everyone involved in the hiring process has to sit down all at once to conduct an interview. You can pose questions to more than one candidate at a time, and have their responses recorded so your team can go over them together at a later time. It also means you aren’t shelling out money to fly someone in, or losing money by having to take huge chunks of time out of your work day to meet with one candidate, let alone a slew of them.

It’s also appealing to your candidates. There are few things worse during a job hunt than showing up to an interview, after getting yourself ready and getting to the location, only to discover that you’re not a match for the company you’d be working with. The idea of being able to do everything remotely, testing the waters before you commit time, energy, and money into a company has a big appeal.

Interviewing with the help of video opens up a lot of opportunities that aren’t possible with a traditional interview. It’s important to have your needs nailed down before choose a video interview platform. If you’re the one in charge of hiring, or it’s happening in more of a team setting – understanding how what will make the entire thing easier is something worth thinking about so you make the right decision.

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