August 14, 2014

What We Can Learn From Successful Word-of-Mouth Campaigns

Successful Word of Mouth CampaignsThe success of a word of mouth campaign hinges mostly on one key factor: customers! Who else is going to drive conversation surrounding your brand, if not the people most familiar with what you do?

Let’s take a look at a few successful word of mouth campaigns, and what they can teach us.

The well behaved kids discount

Restaurants in particular can get into hot water when employees post messages on receipts. There have been more than a few cases in the past year alone, when employees have written messages that they probably assumed would go unnoticed, but ended up making local and national news.

One case where things went mostly right, is the well behaved kids discount. Carino Japanese Bistro ended up on Good Morning America, and benefited from a slew of articles, after a couple checked their receipt after a Mother’s Day meal. They noticed that a “well behaved kids discount” with $5 off their bill.

They thought it was a cute gesture, and posted it to Reddit, where it exploded with close to 3,000 comments in one day, alone. There was some conversation about whether it was a good idea, and if families with loud kids, who wouldn’t get the discount, was a good idea in terms of future marketing. For the most part, talk centered around the idea being a cute one, and garnered a whole lot of unintentional word of mouth marketing for the bistro.

Breast cancer awareness

The Facebook breast cancer awareness status game is pretty well known. In October, during breast cancer awareness month, you’ll notice an increase in odd Facebook statuses from friends. Sometimes it’s as simple as a color, or a statement that makes zero sense when purposefully posted without context.

This idea isn’t one you’re going to want to mimic. The people participating are in the know about what it’s for, but everyone else ends up a little confused, and in terms of actually raising awareness for the issue – it leaves a lot to be desired.

Just because it’s well known, doesn’t mean it’s that effective, or couldn’t be greatly improved upon.

Learn from Zappos

Zappos doesn’t just talk the talk about customer service, they walk the walk. The online retailer is thriving, thanks in no small part to the loyalty of customers, who go out and talk about the great experience they’ve had.

It’s been reported that the site gets 75% of new customers from word of mouth, and it’s no wonder, with the ongoing dedication to the needs of customers.

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