What We Get Wrong About Video Marketing

Video MarketingThere's plenty of buzz about what it means to add video to an existing marketing strategy. More and more, we're seeing video take off on our Facebook feeds, shared and liked, so it makes the rounds onto other sites. Which means brands that might have had some reservations about turning to video, are beginning to change their minds, in order to catch up. There's a lot about video that works in our favor. But what about some of the lingering misconceptions we have about how this whole video marketing thing works? It's time to put some of those to rest, so your strategy can be as effective as possible!
Cost as a barrier
In the past, the cost of running a video marketing campaign was a huge barrier for a lot of smaller businesses. Today, there are more options than ever, which allow brands to get their message out without tanking their budget. The best videos don't need expensive equipment and actors to get the job done. Take Vine, for example. Every day, we see more and more video coming from brands using Vine to make a quick statement, that can be easily shared to their followers. We're seeing success from video that is taken with a phone, that captures a more candid feel, that viewers can respond to. Technology is still evolving, making it possible for the little guys to do great things with video options.
Instant success
Getting video to go viral isn't as easy as it looks. Brands don't put video up with a catchy hashtag and sit back to enjoy the results. There's a lot of behind-the-scenes work, and money, involved to get video from name brands to make it big. The idea that going viral should be your ultimate goal is a little unrealistic, and sounds better than it actually is. Not only does it require more money and planning than a lot of us can put in, it doesn't always yield the results we're looking for. A strategy that takes place over the long-term, with goals that are going to be reached in months, instead of taking off as an instant hit, can do a lot more good than it may seem. If you come up with a strategy that keeps your video message on point, which means it's able to represent what your brand's all about, rather than sacrificing that message for video that can gets laughs and turn into a viral hit, your strategy is still going to do a world of good for your brand. Earning clicks doesn't necessarily mean you're reaching viewers in the right way, the way that gives them a sense of who you are, and why they should stick with you, which is something that isn't always considered in huge campaigns to go viral. Strategy worries One of the biggest issues with carefully crafting a video marketing strategy, is the follow through, or lack thereof. When we do our homework, making sure we know the ins and outs of our audience, where we should be putting our energy, and how to best go about it - amazing things can happen. The problem comes when success isn't instantaneous, as mentioned above. Feeling pressured to make something happen ASAP often leads to giving into the temptation to abandon the strategy you worked so hard to create, in favor of adjusting for better short-term results. The key to fighting off that panic, is remembering all the work you put into your strategy, and that results are not going to happen overnight. And that's okay. We live in a culture that demands instant gratification, which can translate into putting the burden for unrealistic results on our shoulders. Remember to stick with what you've planned, only making adjustments after enough time has passed to determine if it's necessary to do so with actual concrete data.