June 17, 2014

What Word of Mouth Marketing Statistics Reveal

Word Of Mouth Marketing StatisticsWord of mouth marketing statistics reveal some of what we already know about the relationship between consumers and the brands they love, with a few surprises. One surprise might be just how much consumers are relying on word of mouth feedback before investing in a brand.

The numbers

52% of customers won’t buy from a brand they don’t trust, with 56%having no problem openly criticizing the companies they don’t trust.

89% of consumers say that testimonials are the most effective. It’s a form of marketing they’re way more likely to trust, especially when they can see and make a connection through video testimonials.

81% of buyers are influenced by social media posts about brands from friends.

We know that word of mouth marketing is trusted by consumers

It shouldn’t come as a great shock that consumers trust other consumers. Whether it’s friends or family they’ve known all their life, or just a fellow consumer who takes the time to create a video testimonial that’s posted online- we know they’re more likely to trust what they hear from fellow consumers about the brands they take an interest in.

The conversations that takes place informally, outside of campaigns on and offline, can have a huge impact on the way your brand is perceived. Chats in the grocery store, around the grocery store. For better or worse, depending on whether or not you feel your brand is on top of its game, those conversations are always a direct reflection of customer experience.

The good news is that you absolutely can meet with consumers in the middle. If your marketing strategy is one that takes into account the power of communication between consumers, you’ll do a lot better than if you were to build campaigns that don’t take their feedback and opinions into account. It explains why viewers respond so well to video testimonials, and other video that helps bring consumers into the conversation. Not only that, but by making changes based on any type of feedback, you’re showing that your brand is looking to provide the best customer experience possible, something that any consumer can appreciate.

There isn’t a brand out there that’s immune from a customer service snag or two. Bad reviews are going to happen, but if you’re open to having a space for your customers to communicate, not only will it improve your word of mouth marketing, but you’ll see more trust from customers, which can be hard to come by.

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