July 25, 2014

What You Can Do With Great Customer Service Stories

Great Customer Service StoriesGreat customer service stories deserve to be told! The feedback that comes from interactions your team’s having with consumers can be pretty valuable stuff. Put it to use instead of briefly acknowledging what happened, and then putting it out of your mind.

Use them for training

Customer service training is key if you want team members who handle the ins and outs of customer interaction in a way that aligns with your brand. Training can help employees be prepared for all types of situations, promote brand culture, and hopefully have consumers walking away feeling good about the interaction.

Great customer service stories are an important way to highlight what’s gone right in these types of interactions. It can highlight how things like attitude, tone, and making the customer know they’re being listened to can make all the difference in the world, in the same way that a less than great customer service story can show what not to do.

Work with the customer and they can become testimonials

The best time to get a video testimonial is after a successful encounter. Makes sense, right? They’re walking away happy, you’re feeling good. They’re definitely more likely to lend their voice to your brand.

They can produce a quick testimonial about the interaction, including any issues they were having, and how they were helped by your team, so other consumers can watch when they’re looking into your brand. The only way to get these testimonials is if you take the initiative to ask.

Use all stories to make changes from the inside

All customer service interactions and stories, good or bad, have a purpose. Positive stories can be used in the ways mentioned above, and to re-affirm that you’re team is doing something right.

Negative interactions, on the other hand, can often indicate where change needs to happen in your brand. They can point out mistakes that need to be corrected, and serve just as much, maybe even more, purpose as the great stories that we love to hear.

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