April 22, 2014

What Your Video Testimonial Conversion Rate Is Trying To Tell You

Video Testimonial Conversion RateWhat is your video testimonial conversion rate trying to tell you? Hopefully, it’s good news. If not, there are a few easy fixes for you to keep in mind.

Why testimonials work

Social proof is a term used to describe the need for us to look at other people, and their behavior when we’re going through the process of making a decision. We do this, generally without realizing it to make sure we aren’t doing something out of the norm. It happens with all sorts of decisions, and is especially relevant when we apply it to purchasing decisions.

Social proof is important because it drives home the fact that consumers can be reassured about their decisions. Through social media likes and shares, to positive reviews and testimonials – consumers are watching, checking out how fellow consumers react to product or services before they make their investment.

Going strong or needs improvement?

What does social proof have to do with your conversion rate? Everything, actually. Video testimonials are successful when they put viewers at ease about committing to you and your brand.

Reasons they have a high conversion rate:

  • They’re believable: The people they’re watching don’t look like actors reading from a script. They’re real people, someone the viewer is connecting with.
  • You’ve placed the videos in locations that make sense: Locations that get a lot of traffic, or areas where you need to reassure viewers who could be facing pre-purchase anxiety are important and will make or break the success of your video.
  • Variety: The testimonials aren’t just saying the same thing over and over. One video might hit on a new feature you’ve recently introduced, while another talks about great customer service.

If your conversions are going strong, is generally means you’re doing something right. Good for you! If the numbers aren’t where you’d like them to be, there are some easy fixes to correct that. It can be a matter of switching up the script, tweaking location, or doing more to ensure that you’re receiving videos that cover a variety of topics.

Video Testimonial Success