November 12, 2015

Why a Website with Video Testimonials Will Convert More Leads

3 Reasons Why Video Testimonials Will Convert More LeadsWe’re not telling you anything new: in today’s digital environment, your website is and should be the centerpiece of your digital marketing efforts. That means optimizing your website for your visitors is crucial, especially if you are looking for it as an inbound marketing and lead generation tool.

And as it turns out, including video testimonials on your site will significantly help you in that regard! Here are 3 reasons why video testimonials will convert more leads.

1) Diverse Content

Let’s begin with the technical benefit: today’s internet users demand an engaging, interactive website. “Walls of text,” regardless of how good or convincing that text may be, are simply not enough to convince your users that they should convert to leads, not in a world in which mobile internet usage has officially surpassed its desktop counterpart.

Mobile users, and even desktop users who are adopting to similar browsing habits, do not have patience for text-heavy sites. Instead, they require diverse, visual content that keeps them engaged. Images fulfill this criteria, but the best and most engaging form of online content remains video.

Websites with this type of diverse content outperform those still based on text a vast majority of times. At the same time, especially in a small business, you may not always have enough visual content to place into your website structure. Testimonials are a great, natural way to insert visual content into your site and diversify your content.

2) Social Proof

But websites with testimonials aren’t just effective in generating leads because of the type of content. Testimonials offer social proof, giving your products or services an air of legitimacy that they would not receive through mere claims (from your end) about their quality and functionality. Instead, you get to convince potential leads with real customers like them, who have used and benefited from your company.

This type of social proof is absolutely crucial in digital marketing. Trust in digital marketing is difficult to achieve, and not just since State Farm introduced its “French Model” in 2012. If you can’t substantiate your claims, and aren’t large enough to rely on your brand reputation, your users will stay away.

Social proof offers a significant remedy to this problem. In fact, studies show that 79% of consumers trust online reviews from complete strangers as much as they would trust personal recommendations from friends and acquaintances. As long as your reviews are believable and come from actual, current customers, websites with testimonials convert a higher percentage of leads than those without social proof.

3) Emotional Connection

But that’s not all testimonials can do for your websites. By allowing your current customers to get a word in about your company, you also build an emotional connection with future customers, who will feel more inclined to engage with your business (and turn into leads) if they build that connection.

Testimonials build emotional connections through one particular method: storytelling. As it turns out, our brains are actually wired for storytelling, which is a rare method of communication that engages all of its parts – from emotions to analytical thought.

As you probably know, believable testimonials don’t just say “this product is great.” Simple, sensationalist statements along those lines get caught in your visitors’ BS filters, which is why detailed testimonials that include a specific situation in which your product or service helped a customer are most effective. When praise for your brand turns into storytelling, you know your testimonials will increase your lead conversion.

In short, websites with testimonials can help improve your lead generation and conversion efforts significantly. Because they offer you the ability to diversify your content and build an emotional connection by offering believable social proof, your testimonials can be the key that unlocks your inbound marketing success.

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