June 4, 2014

Feature Update: Wistia Integration

Today we’re excited to announce a big feature update to Bravo. We’ve integrated with Wistia, our favorite business video hosting platform. Now, you can easily push your Bravo videos directly to your Wistia account!  And psst…there’s a special offer from the folks at Wistia at the bottom, so don’t forget to read the whole post 🙂

Here’s a peek at what’s new:

When reviewing a video, you’ll notice a new INTEGRATIONS section towards the bottom of the page:


After clicking the link to CONNECT to Wistia, you’ll be presented with with an option to login to your existing account:


Once you’ve connected your account, you’ll be able to instantly push your video to Wistia:


Why integrate with Wistia?

Over the last year, we’ve received quite a few support requests for this feature.  Before the integration, Bravo users would have to download their videos and upload them manually into Wistia.  The integration saves precious time (every second counts, right?) and minimizes the steps necessary to move videos into Wistia’s hosting platform.

The new Wistia integration is available now for everyone – take it for a spin and let us know what you think.

We hope you love it!

Special Offer from Wistia

The nice folks at Wistia offered our blog readers a chance to get the XL Free Plan, which includes:

  • Up to 5 videos
  • 10GB monthly bandwidth
  • All Wistia features
  • Free forever

Simply click here to activate your XL Free Plan today.

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