3 Good Video Testimonial Questions To Ask Your Customers

Good Video Testimonial QuestionsWe have 3 good video testimonial questions to get your business on the right track for exploring new marketing efforts. It can be a little overwhelming to just dive in to video, so we've got you covered on what questions to ask and why you should ask them.

First up: Address the challenge that brought them to your product or business

Question: What challenge/problem did the product or service solve? This question is an important one as well as a great starting point for video testimonials. It addresses the basic reason consumers are coming to you. Without a problem of some kind they wouldn't be seeking you out. It gives something for viewers to relate to. If they're in the same industry, they'll most likely relate to the problem of your customer. This means of identifying with the problem of the speaker is pretty important in terms of establishing that your business is the one they need to help them. It's also an opportunity to put any fears to rest about investing in your business. Consumers need reassurance that you're going to be able to provide the kind of service that's worth investing in. The response you receive to this question will go a long way to put them at ease about choosing to work with you over choosing to spend their money with another business.

Next: Getting a little more in-depth

Question: Which feature(s) were your favorite? Let's say you roll out a new feature that you're excited about. You want to spread the word and highlight it to your clients and prospective clients. A great way to go about that is to include a question, including follow-up questions about which features your client liked best. If they're as enthusiastic about it as you are, you can display the video testimonial alongside news about the new feature. That way, you're not the only one bragging it up! Even if you aren't unveiling or looking to spotlight any new features - it's still important to ask! If you ask each client who records a video testimonial, you'll never get the same answer twice which will highlight a variety of positive It's another way of highlighting what prospective clients have to look forward to when they work with you.

Finally: Bring it all together

Question: Why would you recommend the product/service? By asking this you're allowing a satisfied client to do what testimonials do best - talk up your business based on their experience. Similar to the second question, the beauty of asking this to each client is that you'll always receive a different answer. Some people will be glad to talk about an awesome example of how great your team is at troubleshooting, or how your product or service was able to solve their problem quickly and efficiently. Each answer is equally important and can be displayed according to the answer you receive. The more experience you have asking for video testimonials the more comfortable you'll be coming up with new, interesting questions to add to your staple questions. Always keep in mind how each response will appeal to prospective clients and where you can place them on your site - and you're well on your way!