3 Great Ideas for Video Testimonial Contests

3 Great Ideas for Video Testimonial ContestsGetting the best testimonial for your business doesn't require paying for those videos. Effective video testimonial contests can bring you a wide range of options to choose from, many of them even exceeding your expectations. Running one of these contests is as simple as sharing it with your followers on social media and previous customers via email, but knowing just what type of contest to run can be more difficult. Here are a few ideas for creating more powerful video testimonial contests.
1. Become the face of your brand
With so many aspiring entrepreneurs and media personalities, it may be easier than you think to find people who would like to become the face of your brand. Offering the winner a chance to spearhead your marketing efforts across all channels can quickly bring you the most ambitious, outgoing and media-ready customers available. Plus, with a potential career on the line, you'll be sure to get their best effort.
2. Reward entrants with your product or service
If people enjoy your product, offer them more of it! The unique benefit of this strategy is that you'll only receive submissions from people who genuinely loved your product and want more of it. You don't have to offer a one-year supply or subscription, either. Simply offering a single unit or a small version is often enough to get those stellar testimonials.
3. Find the most influential fan
It may not seem like much of a reward, but people like to feel important. By asking people to create and share their testimonials online, recognizing and rewarding the person whose video gets the most attention on social media, you'll receive submissions from people who have influence in their circles - and that's good for business.