3 Steps to the Perfect Video Testimonial Length

3 Steps to the Perfect Video Testimonial LengthVideo testimonials have long been an effective video marketing tool for a variety of reasons. And sure, shooting video testimonials can be as easy as paying a stranger $5 to read a script and pretend to like a product, but by now we know that the best testimonials are authentic, genuine, and come from real customers. In any case, it's nowhere near that simple, especially when you're trying to determine the perfect video testimonial length. The average consumers attention span is becoming increasingly shorter, and while you already know your video testimonials should be no longer than they absolutely need to be, it's a great idea to find that video length sweet spot that will entice viewers to take action right away. Here's a quick overview of how long each section of a video testimonial should be.
1. Give people a quick introduction
There's a very high possibility that testimonial viewers will have no idea about your brand and what you sell, which is the reason they're watching in the first place. Giving them the satisfaction of an introduction is an excellent way to start off on the right foot and instantly connect. Ask the person giving the testimonial to provide a quick overview of the brand, what it offers, and what it aims to achieve. Overall the introduction should be short and to the point. In other words, nothing over 30 seconds or you risk losing the audience to a nap.
2. Grab their interest
If your video testimonial doesn't immediately catch the audience's interest, then they're gone. After the quick introduction, the customer should provide some more specific details about their experience with the product or service. This is the place to showcase your product in all its glory. The testimonial giver should brag about how the product or service fulfilled their needs and what they were able to accomplish because of it. It's okay if the person giving the testimonial seems overly enthusiastic, so long as they stay honest and true throughout. This is where finding someone with bold or magnetic personality can really aid your efforts. Keeping the audience engaged is the first step to enabling prompt action. This section of the video testimonial should be under one minute.
3. Influence their final decision
The final piece of a video testimonial should contain a little more information about your business, how they can find you on social media, and address any common questions or concerns about the product. The video's ending is extremely important since it's where a testimonial has the power to turn a targeted audience into targeted leads. Leave the video on the right note by reminding the viewers of the consequences of not using the product while remaining personable. Go over key points of the products benefits and then slip in the final call-to-action. This part of a testimonial video should be no more than 30 seconds. That said, the perfect video testimonial length should be under two minutes, and cutting it down between 60 and 90 seconds is ideal.