3 Video Contest Ideas That'll Engage And Delight

Video Contest IdeasWe have 3 video contest ideas that'll engage and delight your followers, and the people who are just getting acquainted with your brand. For a lot of us, it's still cold and dreary outside. But that doesn't mean we can't look ahead, and plan contests that lend themselves to spring time. Here are 3 video contest ideas that will allow your brand to shake off the cold in the coming months:

St. Patrick's Day

Everyone's a little Irish on the 17th of March, right? Traditions for St. Paddy's Day are numerous and varied, which gives you a great opportunity for clever video contest ideas. Breathe some life into an old holiday by asking contest entrants to film their favorite St. Patrick's Day tradition. You'll probably see the inside of a pub or two, or maybe catch a glimpse of the Chicago River sporting a vibrant shade of green. You can ensure that responses are a little more family friendly, skipping some of the bar stuff, by asking them to create their favorite dish with a green twist. The key to a St. Patrick's Day video contest is to put forth an idea that captures the celebratory vibe that makes it such a great holiday.

Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated at the end of April, right when we're saying goodbye to the cold, and gearing up for the long-awaited spring thaw. If you're feeling savvy, you can take advantage of the wide open theme by asking entrants to shoot a quick video in their favorite local outdoor spot. Now that more people are out and about in the nice weather, they'll be more into the idea of showing off their favorite place. Fresh idea aside, it's also a great way for you to encourage entry submissions using a mobile device. Consumers love easy access, so an outdoor, on-the-go contest entry definitely has that going for it, and will give them a good feeling about joining in on future contests.

The best of May

Who isn't looking forward to the warmth of summer? Frame a contest around the excitement for summer by asking about favorite childhood vacations, or the perfect summer destination. If you're a small business, there's a good chance that you won't be able to give away a free vacation package to the winner. But you can always suggest that the prize money go toward their summer travels. Keep other entrants, and consumers following the contest engaged by asking them to vote for whoever has the best memory, or the coolest summer plans. Asking your following to be in on the voting is a key way to keep them engaged and actually caring about what happens with the contest, rather than having a faceless team judge it. As the weather warms, you'll be able to get more creative with your video contest ideas. Send entrants outside, ask them to embrace the best of the next few months as we say goodbye to winter, and gear up for the best of spring.