3 Video Contest Promotion Mistakes to Avoid

Video Contest Promotion MistakesToday we're talking about a few common video contest promotion mistakes and how you can avoid them. Everyone knows that new campaigns are exciting for you and your brand. It feels great to kick things off and see all your hard work in action. Here are a few things to keep in mind before promotion efforts begin.
Not having a handle on your audience
Contests are great at gathering interest and conversation around your brand. The buzz about what you're doing, including the cool prize(s) you're giving away, can do a lot for your brand if you're smart about promoting it. Before promotion is set to begin, you should have your audience nailed down. Where are they spending most of their time online? Will your contest promotion compliment their on and offline habits? It makes sense to hit the big social network platforms, but your focus should really be on where your audience will be. And if that means paying less attention to Facebook or Twitter in favor of another site or offline space, than that's where your focus should go.
Promoting too soon or too late
It can be easy to jump the gun and start promoting your contest. You're excited to kickoff the campaign that you've worked so hard on, and you want to get the word out and get things rolling. Rather than promoting too early, more than a month or so in advance, it's a good idea to hold off. If you start too soon, you run the risk of having people put off their entry, thinking they'll have plenty of time to enter and then keeping their idea on the back burner and never getting around to it. The opposite problem is promoting too late. Entrants shouldn't feel rushed, like they have to throw together an entry in order to make a looming deadline.
Are rules and deadlines clear enough?
Aspects of your campaign that seem like a no-brainer to you are going to require more explanation than you might think. Nothing puts a damper on a campaign quite like a rule/requirement mix-up at the finish line. You might think your bases are covered when you post the rules and requirements several times over the course of your campaign. In reality, you're better off posting them too frequently rather than not enough. Frequently linking to the rules in Tweets and other promotional posts will ensure that you're doing all you can to get the requirements out there. That way, any complaints or problems that might come up at the end of the campaign can be smoothed over. Also, other entrants won't leave with a negative view of your brand thanks to the knowledge that you were very upfront and clear about contest rules.