3 Video Contest Promotion Mistakes To Avoid

Video Contest PromotionLet's talk about the video contest promotion mistakes you want to avoid. Promotion is all about strategy. How you can best reach your audience, when to start raising awareness. It's better to think of these issues ahead of time, rather than finding out the hard way when your contest doesn't go as well as originally planned. It only takes a little planning and putting some thought into how to go about things the right way, and you can save yourself and your team a lot of stress!

Promoting too late

Don't force prospective entrants to scramble to get their entry in. If you make the mistake of waiting too long, or being lax about getting the word out, you're upping your chance of getting content that you won't be able to use later. Quality might suffer when you force people to rush, as well as your entry pool. Ideally, you'll give them enough time to hear about your video contest, look into it more, and then get their content turned in with plenty of time.

On the flip side

You don't want to start promoting your contest too soon. There's a difference between giving people enough time to enter, and giving them plenty of time to forget the contest exists. For most, the rule of thumb is to start promoting the contest about a month ahead of your deadline. They'll still be able to tune into contest updates, without you having to worry that your audience will tune out before creating a submission.

Hitting the wrong platforms

Where is your audience hanging out? Mainstream and up-and-coming social media platforms are all well and good for promoting your video contest, but is your audience there? Instead of throwing content at major platforms and hoping it will reach people, go into the promotion phase knowing where they'll be. Build a strategy around that knowledge, one that compliments your audience rather than working against where they normally hang out. The key to video contest promotion is creating a strategy beforehand. Rather than stressing over details like where your audience spend their time online, or when to start promoting - figure it out ahead of time. Keeping these aspects of your campaign in mind can seem challenging when you're just starting out. Eventually, with more campaigns under your belt, it will be second nature to anticipate these details. For now, do your planning ahead of time. Get in the habit of doing these things early, and you'll avoid the stress of slacking in one area of your campaign.