3 Video Contest Tips For Your Next Campaign

Video Contest TipsWe have 3 video contest tips for your next campaign. Whether it's coming up soon, or you're still planning, now is a good time to consider how to run your contest the right way.


Set the tone early for your contest. Start in the planning stage by having all your ducks in a row. You should have a good idea about your time frame - which includes advertising before the contest, kickoff, and how long entrants will have before the finish date. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn't advertise more than a month in advance. If you give too much notice about your campaign, people will put off entering, thinking they have enough time to come back to it later. More often than not, they don't end up coming back to their entry. Generally, a month is enough time to get the word out, without making them feel rushed, either.

Start strong

Once you've done an excellent job advertising, it's time to keep up the good momentum. Contests can fall apart if no one's paying attention to the little things. Make sure you keep an eye on the data to see what entry, as well as long and short term impact are going to look like. Additionally, you'll want to make sure you're sticking to deadlines and answering any questions as they're coming in. If you have a lot on your plate, it can be easy to forget that you and your brand are being watched closely during your campaign. The way you behave will have an impact on your contest. Remember to put your best foot forward. Smooth any wrinkles that come up

Wrap things up the right way

Ending your campaign on a high note feels great. Once the contest has ended, make sure you build up your announcement about who won and what they're receiving. Winners love to see receive recognition, so give them a shout out on your blog and social media. Not only will it leave them feeling good about the contest, but it'll also show that you deliver on what you promise. Some brands make the mistake of not following through, or scrapping the contest due to concerns that entrants aren't aware of. It ends up hurting credibility, and can seriously impact turnout for later contests. No matter what's going on behind the scenes, do your best to finish the right way. Give entrants the reward they deserve for putting time and effort into your campaign, and you'll see the return in the short and long term.